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The resplendent sound of Tamino


Rising star: Tamino – a fusion of East and West

If you’re looking for your next atmospheric artist to immerse yourself in, look no further than the rising star Tamino. The Belgian-Egyptian artist named after a prince in Mozart’s opera, “The Magic Flute”, lives up to his magical name-sake.

His debut album “Amir” was released in late October and lushly (is that even a word?!), mixes morose alt-pop sounds with traditional Arabic cadences, no doubt inspired by his own heritage.


What you can expect from the album

Fusion is the name of the game with his debut release; I’m talking genres, musical style, and even musical collaborations. Collaborators featured on the album include an orchestra, Nagham Zikrayat, many of whom are refugees from Iraq and Syria and a cameo from Radiohead’s Colin Greenwood on bass in the song ‘Indigo night’.

Tamino’s debut single “Habibi” (an affectionate term of endearment in Arabic meaning sweetheart or my love), sets the tone for an atmospheric journey through the album that wouldn’t be out of place as a film score.

At least that’s what my mind conjures up when I listen to the album. Picture this: movie scene after movie scene of rolling rustic landscapes, tragic romanticism, loaded silences, and chic James Bond-esque action.

I can just imagine the loaded look I’d receive from friends with that last comment, but stay with me here. Better yet, take a listen for yourself.



What do you think – movie score approved? Or, have I truly lost my mind and taken too much of an intense step into the music?

Oh, and first song alert! Fans of falsetto will be pleased as punch towards the end of Habibi where Tamino showcases his falsetto chops in a final haunting repetition of the chorus (FYI kills me).

I’m a total sucker for a falsetto. Whether it’s Chris Isaak, James Vincent McMorrow, Muse’s front-man Matt Bellamy, or Kevin Garrett, I turn into what is commonly known as a swooning fan-girl when a falsetto is whipped out.

Who are your favourite falsetto masters? What do you think of Tamino’s debut release? Let me know in the comments

Image by Paul, licensed under CCPL.


  • erenblogs

    I discovered him last year with his debut album. He really has an original sound. The album is perfect for foggy rainy days. I love the song called “Tummy”, it’s definetly my favorite.

    • Lisa @The Mixtape

      I couldn’t agree more Eren! Perfect for a rainy day or a misty road trip 🙂 I think my favourite is probably Indigo Night. Thanks for your comment!

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