The Wombats live at Wembley by Lisa Hammoum
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The Wombats smash Wembley

“Hello Wombley!” are the first words out of front-man Matthew ‘Murph’ Murphy as The Wombats took centre stage at Wembley’s SSE arena on Friday night (yes, I was there *squeee).

Confetti cannons exploded over the crowd within moments of their first live track ‘Cheetah Tongue.’ And this pretty much set the tone for the rest of the night; people on each other’s shoulders, a washing-machine ‘mosh’ pit in the crowd and hundreds of people screaming along to the anthems of their youth. In other words, carnage…of the best variety!

The Wombats at Wembley playing Tokyo

I felt my evening was doused in a warm, fuzzy trip down memory lane. Long-forgotten snapshots of teenage house parties and GCSE cramming came rushing to the forefront with the opening chords of ‘Let’s Dance to Joy Division’ and nostalgic crowd-pleasers like ‘Moving To New York,’ ‘Tokyo’ and ‘Techno Fan.’ But it wasn’t all about those original teenage romantic misadventures, strippers, weddings and rock club ‘Indie-god’ tunes.

Despite being on the indie scene for over 15 years now, our favourite marsupials brought a fresh sound with their fourth album ‘Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life.’ Don’t get me wrong, they still corner the market on tragi-comic, emotional ditties with their infamous upbeat guitar riffs, but new tracks like ‘Lemon to a Knife Fight,’ ‘Turn’ and ‘Ice Cream’ pushed them into the stadium stratosphere at Wembley.

I also have to mention the fantastic staging of the show, each song had it’s own corresponding moving images and lights back-dropping the band. Highlights included wombat emoji’s and the London skyline.

Stage show - The Wombats - Wembly

So, it’s no surprise that the feeling in the crowd was ‘it doesn’t matter who you were, are, or going to be; belt out the lyrics and dance your arse off.’

For anyone feeling apprehension about seeing those iconic bands that literally became the soundtrack of their youth, do it…there’s nothing like the atmosphere! One thing is for sure, The Wombats are doing it right and taking no prisoners.

Any favourite Wombats tracks? What do you think of the latest album?

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