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The Mixtape blog creator Lisa Hammoum

The Mixtape music blog is written by me, Lisa; a twenty-something (for a bit longer at least!), London-based content and communications creator. Known across various social media channels as @thefringeantics after my beloved and long-standing relationship with, you guessed it…my full fringe.

Apparently, ever since I was a tot in the SCBU (special care baby unit) I’ve been obsessed with music. According to a regularly trotted out anecdote, I would roll onto my stomach and perk my head up every time the radio was playing in the unit.

And, so began my love affair with music; from buying my very first Cassette (Now that’s what I call music! 35…tragic) right through to the vinyl collecting, gigging fanatic that I am today.

Never has a meme more aptly described my life than Radio X’s emotional dilemma…

The gig ticket dilemma meme by Radio X


The question I most often get asked is what is your favourite genre of music, or even worse who is your favourite musician? My simple answer is I’m an eclectic. A fan of music and artists from almost every genre and could never pigeon-hole myself, or my ears. I’m always on the hunt for new artists and bands and of course, I generally go through the motions of having a ‘flavour of the month or week’ too. You’ll see some of that on the homepage in my top 3 songs of the week playlist…

So after much deliberation and a few months of juggling work-work and setting up my blog, I decided to take the plunge and share my musical musings. Everything from my take on rising stars, recommendations and music related ponderings will have a home here on The Mixtape.


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